The Kyle Sowashes are on tour

The Kyle Sowashes are on tour


We’re touring in support of this album, Nobody, our third full-length.

It was released by stalwart Columbus indie label Anyway Records.  Bela hasn’t updated the site in a while.  It’s OK, we still love him.

We recorded the album at Ultrasuede Studio in Cincinnati, OH.  John Curley manned the boards.  He was in The Afghan Whigs.  That’s awesome.  Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker from Wussy also lent their vocal talents to the record, for which we cannot thank them enough.

You can buy copies of it on LP, CD or MP3 from Midheaven Mailorder.  Or, buy it from us at one of these shows.  You might even end up on the blog if you make a good first impression.  Or a bad one.

Here, have one on us.  Download “Blast From The Past.”  It’s Dan’s favorite song on the album.

Here’s what people are saying about Nobody:

Sowash and his fellow Sowashes have no regret when it comes to regenerating all the fervor that came in hearing the first Archers of Loaf album or attending your first Guided By Voices show. Tired as you may be of those same three-chord anthems, those cajoling guitar lines dancing between verses, the energy that lasts till the very last drumbeat, Nobody, the Sowashes third full-length, is ingrained with a mantra of never letting up, realizing the best times you’ll have are on a stage in some nameless Midwestern town, so why slow down?
-Kevin J. Elliot, The Agit Reader
Nobody is the Sowashes’ hookiest record yet, and the guitar interplay of Sowash and Justin Hemminger never sounded so good, being alternately wiry and thick. It’s been said many times, but the Sowashes take their cues from indie rock’s gilded age—bands like Superchunk, Archers of Loaf and Built to Spill.
-Joel Oliphint, The Other Paper
Columbus’ The Kyle Sowashes play a brand of tight and catchy Guitar Pop that sounds all too familiar, but is easily likeable, nonetheless. The band has a laid-back style that’s cool but in no way pretentious. The members are Indie vets recruited from other bands by Sowash and they all have some chops. On the band’s newest release, the superb Nobody, Bandman and Schubert lock in to create a steady backbeat, while Sowash’s chugging rhythm guitar interplays well with Hemminger’s tasteful, show-stealing lead guitar.
-Michael Vest, Cincinnati CityBeat
I turned my computer speakers up as loud as the knob would allow, and it very nearly felt like I was at The Treehouse in Columbus or at some small, beautifully dive-y  bar in Pittsburgh.  I could see the boys in front of their Peaveys clicking on their pedals, could see a guitar solo bringing Kyle to his knees (which always makes the solo sound so much better).  I was listening to songs I might have heard once or twice live, but ones I definitely didn’t know by heart.  But it felt like I knew them by heart.  I wanted to sing along even though I didn’t know the words.
-Scott Silsbe, The New Yinzer


The Kyle Sowashes are on tour The Kyle Sowashes are four bearded buddies from Columbus, Ohio. We like to rock and eat and drive.

Kyle Sowash - vocals, guitar
Dan Bandman - drums
Brett Helling - bass, vocals
Justin Hemminger - guitar, vocals